For a long time I was torn between my passion for literature and my fascination with video games. After finishing my studies of the German language, I thought “why not both?” and started studying Game Art & 3D Animation. Currently advancing my skills in game writing, storytelling, and narrative design.

In 2014, I was part of a publication about my dad Bruno Weinhals, who was also a writer and passed away in 2006. My work on this project consisted of choosing texts to publish, editing articles from others, and writing my own text and the foreword (together with Helmut Neundlinger). Further information can be found here (only in German, unfortunately).

In 2018, I participated in an online course by Gotham Writers Workshop, Video Game Writing by David Kuelz, part two of which took place in March 2019. Right now, while also completing a course on Writing for Video Games held by Paul Dunn at the UK Writers College, I am looking for new job opportunities and, as always, honing my skills as a narrative designer and video game writer.