Orhard Tombstone

Challenge. Create a character based on a concept art.

Original concept by Sandra Molina Juan can be found here.

If you’re a member of the group called runners, you’ve been declared a criminal by Orc law. You’re put at the front line, disposable and without protection; the armor you do wear is meant to intimidate, not protect. If you die, that’s expected, and if you don’t, well, that doesn’t really happen. Except for Orhard Tombstone.

Orhard speaks little about his life before the runners. It’s known that he ended up here by choice: join the runners, or be executed. He was given this choice after committing an unforgivable crime, but what exactly this crime entailed, or if he was even guilty of it, no one cares to remember.

Orhard is by far the oldest member of the runners. The usual life span for a runner is about one or two weeks after their arrival; by then, most have either been killed outright or mortally wounded. Orhard has been with the runners for about 23 years now. No one really knows how he survives; he gets hurt, yes, even lost his eye in one run. But somehow, he always recovers, always keeps getting back up again, seemingly by sheer force of will. He is still not allowed to carry a shield, or any other form of defence; however, they let him keep the axe he looted from a dwarf one time, and it is the only additional right he gained by his continued survival. Other runners instinctively look up to him, some even ask for advice; he always gives it where needed, but never makes friends. He has long since given up on forming any emotional bond with his comrades. The only thing he truly cares about seems to be the feather he has bound to his left horn; it is said to have a connection to whatever he did to end up here, and some say it is a present from his sister, but he never answers when asked about it. However, if one were to ask how he can stand doing this work for so long, running out into the fight, never giving up, he lightly touches the feather, as if it were his last reason to keep going.

Exercise completed as part of Gotham Writers Workshop: Video Game Writing by David Kuelz.

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