Amelia Redgrave

Challenge. Create a character fit for a game about trading. Possible gameplay elements include manipulating the market, building NPC networks, aquiring wares, travelling.

Amelia Redgrave is passionate, curious, and occasionally very stubborn. When her mom told her at the age of four that “girls should stay away from money things”, she knew she had to prove her mother (and everybody else!) wrong by becoming a successful merchant. Being quite short, she’s not the most imposing of people, but her customers respect her for her honesty and high quality of products. She usually wears a bandana around her neck to pull over her nose and mouth when exploring particularly dusty places.

Amelia’s intrinsic goal is to find her place in life. She thinks she can achieve this by proving to others, as well as herself, that she can be as good a merchant as anyone else, but learns that trading itself isn’t her true passion and won’t fulfil her in the long run.

In the beginning, the gameplay is mainly scouring old ruins and other sites for valuables and selling them to the highest bidder. She enjoys the freedom of collecting relics, and appreciates the fact that she can make money by selling what she found. As she becomes successful, more and more merchants (but not all) accept her into their cycles. She gains accass to better deals as she becomes more popular, and learns to accept them, instead of refusing out of pride. Using her money and reputation, she eventually starts a merchant’s guild, represented in gameplay as an NPC network, that supports all young people who want to get into trading, merchandise acquisition, or both – no matter what gender they are.

Exercise completed as part of Gotham Writers Workshop: Video Game Writing by David Kuelz.

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