My take on Path of Exile

Visual storytelling prompt. Nessa: “Lioneye’s Watch isn’t much, but it’s ours. We could use you here, while you live. But should you wish to venture out, do just one thing for me. Out on the coast, amongst the wrecks, there must be a ship’s medicine chest. I have many to care for and there’s only so much I can do with herbs and seawater.”

The PC enters a small room filled with chests, small cupboards, and other furniture used for storage. Most of them are open, Nessa is rummaging through a locker on the far side of the room. She doesn’t find what she’s looking for; she crosses something off a piece of paper lying next to her. She looks at it, growls, then crumbles it up and throws it to the ground. She storms out past the PC without really looking at him.
The PC picks up the piece of paper. It’s a carefully kept record of available medicine and its sources, mostly ships. The lines get more and more inaccurate with every crossed-out row; no rows remain. There is no more medicine available. Only on the very bottom, there is one more ship’s name, with just a question mark beside it. The PC keeps the paper; maybe he can add some more lines to the list, and some more medicine to the stockpile.

Monologue. Bestel on Nessa.

“Ah, dearest Nessa! Sweet as a summer’s deed, brave as a…” He hesitates, then sighs. “The simile eludes me! I’ve been trying for weeks to write this, you know, for her. She deserves it, after all she’s been through. Poor girl’s seen more death than a retired executioner. Anyway, she deserves something nice, don’t you think? Something just for her. She never asks for anything. What better reward is there than to be sung about? Don’t tell her though. It’s gonna be a surprise…”

Flavour text. 

Note – I only wrote the two lines of orange cursive text at the bottom. The rest of the picture was provided as part of the course. 


These texts were created as part of the UK Writers College course Writing for Video Games with Paul Dunn. See more of my work for this course here.

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