Bob the Lumberjack

Character Description. Bob is a lumberjack who gets shrunk to bug size by a magician who hopes to give Bob a new perspective on nature. Instead, Bob goes on a tiny but murderous rampage, killing any bug who will stand in his way. His weapon is his favourite axe which accidentally got shrunk with him – the magician is a bit sloppy at times…

Bob has a ZZ Top-like beard, majestic brows, and likes to dress in plaid like a grunge band lead singer. His overall appearance could be described by the formula ZZ Top beard x Kurt Cobain clothes x Khal Drogo body. He’s also a big guy (proportionally speaking) who doesn’t like to talk but will grunt (dis-)approval if necessary. He is strong and surprisingly fast. He lived a quiet life and never killed anything his size before being shrunk.

Voice. Words and phrases Bob uses a lot: No. Shh. Let me eat. Oh. No time. [grunting]. Whatever. Later. Go away. Your fault.

Words and phrases Bob never uses: Absolutely. Looking forward to it. You’re right. Stay safe. Good luck. Beautiful. Maybe. I’ll help you. Come visit me. I love you.

Dialogue. Between Bob and the sloppy magician.

Magician: Please stop! Why are you chopping those trees?
Bob: Money.
Magician: Oh, please, let them stand!
Bob: Can’t.
Magician: Please, don’t force me to-
Bob: Whatever.

This character was created as part of a workshop, conducted by the amazing Richard Dansky.

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