Orhard Tombstone

Challenge. Create a character based on a concept art.

Original concept by Sandra Molina Juan can be found here.

If you’re a member of the group called runners, you’ve been declared a criminal by Orc law. You’re put at the front line, disposable and without protection; the armor you do wear is meant to intimidate, not protect. If you die, that’s expected, and if you don’t, well, that doesn’t really happen. Except for Orhard Tombstone.

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Amelia Redgrave

Challenge. Create a character fit for a game about trading. Possible gameplay elements include manipulating the market, building NPC networks, aquiring wares, travelling.

Amelia Redgrave is passionate, curious, and occasionally very stubborn. When her mom told her at the age of four that “girls should stay away from money things”, she knew she had to prove her mother (and everybody else!) wrong by becoming a successful merchant. Being quite short, she’s not the most imposing of people, but her customers respect her for her honesty and high quality of products. She usually wears a bandana around her neck to pull over her nose and mouth when exploring particularly dusty places.

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Some thoughts on fantasy races (Dungeons & Dragons)

Another discovery I made working on the beginner’s rules document mentioned in my post about Half-Elves was that it could use some overview on the playable races and their place in the world(s) of D&D. (Any rules mentioned represent the way I prefer games of D&D to be handled; they are of course not set in stone.)

Common. The most common races, found all across the world. People are usually accustomed to meeting you and will treat you well (if you don’t piss them off). Feel free to choose any of them, your DM won’t complain. Probably.

(Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Halflings)

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Some thoughts on Half-Elves (Dungeons & Dragons)

While working on a basic rules document for new players, I noticed there wasn’t much lore about the Half-Elves variants of D&D around. So, I did what any sensible writer might do: I wrote them myself.

Half-High Elves. Half-high elves are the most common of half-elves. Many high elves spend much time amongst humans, and some even form alliances of the reproductive kind. Most humans will easily accept a half-elf in their midst; high elves might be a bit more reserved, depending on their type. Nonetheless, half-high elves usually get the chance to experience either parent’s culture.

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My take on Path of Exile

Visual storytelling prompt. Nessa: “Lioneye’s Watch isn’t much, but it’s ours. We could use you here, while you live. But should you wish to venture out, do just one thing for me. Out on the coast, amongst the wrecks, there must be a ship’s medicine chest. I have many to care for and there’s only so much I can do with herbs and seawater.”

The PC enters a small room filled with chests, small cupboards, and other furniture used for storage. Most of them are open, Nessa is rummaging through a locker on the far side of the room. She doesn’t find what she’s looking for; she crosses something off a piece of paper lying next to her. She looks at it, growls, then crumbles it up and throws it to the ground. She storms out past the PC without really looking at him.
The PC picks up the piece of paper. It’s a carefully kept record of available medicine and its sources, mostly ships. The lines get more and more inaccurate with every crossed-out row; no rows remain. There is no more medicine available. Only on the very bottom, there is one more ship’s name, with just a question mark beside it. The PC keeps the paper; maybe he can add some more lines to the list, and some more medicine to the stockpile.

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Narrative Design. These are troubled times for the Froggian Empire. The old emperor, Freddy the Frightful, has died after a long and cruel reign. The people are in distress; there is no heir in sight, and years of suffering have made them afraid. Afraid of their next emperor, and what terrible things he might impose onto them. They have decided to take matters into their own slippery hands, and uprisings have started all over the pond.

Gameplay based on Chinese Checkers

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